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city that is seeing homicide climb. >> and a popular restaurant goes up in flames. good evening. it's friday, october 12th. i'm gasia mikaelian. a surprise announcement today from oakland's police of chief. he plans to discipline two offers for their actions in the occupy protest months ago. thrive oakland to tell us about the punishments. noel,. >> the police chief released this report. the report also outlines more than a thousand complaints about officer's actions during occupy protest. the most the department has
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ever received. some come from people watching news coverage over seas. october 25th 2011 looks more like a war zone. one camp of why today oakland police chief admitted some of his officernot act appropriately. >> we expect them to follow the policies of the department and where they don't do that we'll hold them accountable. >> reporter: the chief is recommended disciplinary action against 44 officers. >> we take their complaints seriously and the complaint system does work. so when people feel they've been wronged by the police. we will investigate. >> they did about everything wrong. >> rachel letterman is an
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attorney representing 14 beam injure she says because of police misconduct. >> this wasn't a question of individual conduct by officer but was a failure of the department. >> reporter: letterman has a collection of the photo evidence. including scott campbell who had a curb injury. and recorded the moment police shot him with a bean bag he. >> we have to see whether they actually follow through with the discipline. >> now the two officers in this report who face firing are now on paid administrative leave. all have the chance to appeal. now to san jose where police say ten people are under arrest over a pair of gang related homicide. ten men taken into custody this
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week. two more men arrested in the slaying of 17-year-old liena ferrise. police say they believe that shooting was also gang related. there was another deadly shooting today in san jose and it's causing a great deal of concern as robert honda reports it's not the just neighbors concerns but the city leaders. >> reporter: the sit's lathest homicide is mostly a mystery. so far investigators have no suspecteds or moe it tv. the one significant preliminary conclusion. >> right now we're not investigating it as a gang related crime. but again, as you know i mean those things could cake. >> reporter: police been interviewing possible witnesses the only nearby business open at that hour. a neighboring business own
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chore did not want his face shown says all lo can attract large cloudy crowds. >> bar, music strippers. >> violence? >> yes. just a messy in the morning i have to deal with sometimes but i didn't think it was going go this far. >> reporter: the homicide rate is a per flexing rehab. 39 all of last year. which was the highest number of 15 years. the highest ever, 53 in 1991. >> happened in you go through and look at them you realize some are gang related some are domestic violence some are random drug deals, some of them are things no one could paren prevent. >> reporter: police say the investigation continues. a person who identified herself as manager of aloes declined to comment. a couple expected of killing a retired school
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teacher made their first court appearance in washington state today. they will face murder charges next week in the stabbing death of susie koe. police say the couple were driving koe's car when they were arrested. they were also wanted in connection with a string of other crimes. the fbi taking over future excoo ration of the central valley killings. a lab reported the remains it at least two people including a child were mixed in the with remains of one victim. today the sheriff says he's surprised by the development but would not acknowledge if a mistake was made during the previous excavation. convict killer west i will sherman was taken out to show police new bureau sites. the fire was reported just
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after4:30 this morning. the flames spread to a neighboring wine bar. 100 firefighters battled the fire. it wasn't declared under control until 3 this a.m. i got the phone call. i'm not going to lie a few tears came down. it's something you never want to hear. >> they shut down the light rail station and ran buses through the area damage estimate and the more than $3 million. the cause of the fire isn't known but it does not appear suspicious. in san jose firefighters took defensive stand. a two alarm fire on carlton avenue. fire crews learned they were large apts of ammunition. so instead of fighting the blaze from inside they took a surround and drown approach. the couple inside the home suffered minor burns. also asking for had in catching a serial arkansas
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sonnist. we -- arsonist. someone sat another fire last night. there's now been a total of 10 arsons in a two week span. they're concerned the arsonist is becoming bolder. >> and guilty of felon i embezzlement. convict yesterday of embezzling almost $160,000. his attorneys plan to appeal. the town of clayton has not decided whether to remove anymore officer. a police of san francisco history -- price of san francisco history is weeks away by being taken apart piece by piece. the seismically unsafe coil drive. the outdated approach to the golden get a bridge being
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replaced. project officials say the next faze of construction will not slow down. the remains of doyle drive will live on. the steel thrust be melted down and the concrete drowned build new roads. wall streetage prez sonton's workday a big boost in the first day of trading. executive rehab the opening bell on the new york stock exchange this morning. the company was founded by two former people south executives who left the company back in 204. they offer cloud based human software. it opened the $28 and closed above $48 a share. the sail raised $637 for that start up. the enthusiasm did not carry over. the dow lost lost twopoints.
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stocks had their worst week since june. the closely watched customer confidence survey from the university of michigan is at its highest level five years. meaning people are spending more of their disposable income. bay area travel agents say they are booking more. on the other hand the federal budget deficit remains above 1al dollars. the treasury department says the deficit did fall by $207 billion. analyst says the government borrowed about 31 cents of every dollar it spent. and giant fever. the giants dug out shop at at&t park and san francisco was a very big -- dizzy play -- busy place. >> i was told not to buy anymore t-shirts before the world series but i snuck over
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to the store. i think he'll forgive me when he sees what they are. >> restaurants near the stadium say they're gearing up for a wave of post season baseball fans and hoping to cash in just like to did two years egg. right now the giants still learning where they play their game. if the national wins game one is in washington. the cardinals win, it's at at&tar park. either way you'll be able to watch that game on ktvu channel 2 right after the niner game. shock. students mourn the death of a popular teacher. the strange take into consideration have some people wonder what happened. our high school football game of the week is just about to kick off near the free month fire birds
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the government beat its goal in cleaning up. the secretary louisiana hood -- la hood visited the site this morning. surpass the goal of 28. three more ships are set to be scrapped and recycles with priority given. students and staff at logan high school are mourning the death of a long time teacher. the exact cause of death has not yet been revealed and
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students and teachers wondering what happened. >> 54-year-old christopher ryan was a veteran educator in union city. >> he was a teacher here for 18 years. he also worked add a administrateor. >> he >> he talked about college. he wanted to prep us all for. >> reporter: together grief counselors on hand. ryan's family told the sheriff's office they last saw him on tuesday morning. but in this parking area three near interstate 280 and highway 91 deputies say his car wednesday night. the next day ryan's body was found in the same general area. investigator wouldn't comment on how died. they i did the case now in the hand of coroners off. students say they have a lot of questions and his presence will
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be miss. >> he had heart problems i'm hoping it's related to that instead of murder or. >> everyone is just shock. >> work for the book room and the lady there said every morning he would come in and talk her. he would come face to face. >> reporter: students say the school plans to pay tribute starting next week. corn nors office would not give us any information and the family understandably declined an interview. and pipeline improvements. an a administrative law judge rules they should pay for two- thirds of the pipeline program. they had requested that customers pay 84%. the ruling is wholly inadequate and fails to recognize how much work needs to be done.
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republican presidential nominee mitt romney is giving his running meat a grazie! re view after last night's debate with joe biden. >> the there was one person on stage that the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis and that was paul ryan. >> he also attacked joe biden's characterization of handing the attacks in libya. and president biden campaigned with his wife. >> i wisconsin. he appeared at the university of wisconsin. he reemphasized many of the points he made in last night's debate. this was the third campaign trip wisconsin this year. and if you thought the vice
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presidential debate was you ere rowdy check this out in southern california. that was 57-year-old brad sherman asking 71-year-old lawyer burrman. you want to get into this and you see an officer step between them. their house campaigns are reported to be the most expensive in the nation. also maybe the nastiest. and noble peace prize. the to a region. to the european union. the group of 27 nations is home to some 50 million people. the jury said the eu deserves the honor in efforts to build peace. there are now reports tonight that am plans to introduce a smaller version of its popular ipad later this month. several media outlets including
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bloomberg news. they will release the ipad mini. they site an unnamed source. apple hasn't said anything yet. but many have speculated the ipad miniwill appear before the holiday shopping season. it is friday night. time for our game of the week. a pair of rivals face off. live at cupertino. >> reporter: yes, the cupertino pioneers are 6-0 for the first time since 1993. but they're expected to get their biggest text tonight against the free month fire birds. fremont fire birds 4-2 but a much bigger team. and the coach has only been in the football business for 50 some years. professional leagues to college and decades at high school
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level. ron damoners. i asked him why he's still in the business. >> i think an insigh ayou sialoma. no, i love the kids. and when you're young you want to be the next vince lim bar dee. and i started moving you want ladder little bit and found out those upper levels are what's ensued for that type of thing. >> i know that winning is still important but i would imagine there's other things that take just as much prior to the this. >> you seem to get a bigger picture. you move further away and you see, hey, i can help this kid. i'm always trying to fried on my white horse. sometime that gets up side the
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head too. >> reporter: it should be a good one tonight as the cupertino pioneers try to remain uni did feeted. they're 6-0 but it's these birds than are going try to change a that. official from the tour defrance says the lance armstrong is raising question about entire era of nation. if he does lose the titles the title says there will be no official wins for the races. in a report this week the u.s. antidoping agency says armstrong lead a sophisticated ring. well it never traveled like to. coming up want last leg of a long journey for the space
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the first snow of autumn has fallen in the rino tahoe reason. it got about an inch of snow. but it is sunshine you are looking for accident don't go any where. right? >> the bay area weekend is going to offer all you need. numbers get book e back -- tack into the 80s. outside we'll go and you'll sigh the radar, swoop down here. a little bit of drizzle showing up in the hills. a little bit of drizzle showing up here. i've had reports of drizzle up in the marine headlands but that's about it. the system to the south is moving off. this system to the north is kind of moving and in it'll try us for a chance of maybe a sprinkle and that's it. high pressure starts to build back in and when high pressure builds in, by sunday, tomorrow will be nicer.
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so upper 60s low 70s. but by sunday that'll be nice. the forecast highs tonight or overnight lows, 40s and low 50s. i wouldn't be surprised to see a little valley fog. you might see a little bit of it. and over by black point maybe. e high pressure sets up today. we're low 60s and saturday and sunday temperatures warm. saturday accident mid-70s and sunday probably some mid-and low 80s and next week we're going to see some low 90s. it's going to be a very indian summer pattern. not expecting a big red flag warning. bouilli watch that because you never know. the forecast for tomorrow then you can see here in the evening hours you have a little bit of fog returning to the coast and you start of see sunday less fog, more sun and temperatures on the increase.
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these are the forecast highs for saturday. if you want to look at your sunday numbers just do some math add 8 degrees to these. i think you'll see 68 degrees at the beach. on sunday you. 76 at liver more. good air quality. beautiful weather. a great weekend. it's going to be nice. go out and enjoy tennessee the coastal sections will be super nice on sunday. i think they'll be beautiful blue skies. the five day forecast, which bay area weekend because it's here. i'll be back tonight at 10:00 and we'll update the models because that minihated wave we'll try to dial in. the space shuttle endeavor may be on its shortest and slowest endeavor. it's being moved 12 miles to the new home at california space center. hundreds of people got up before dawn to watch it roll along at 3 miles an hour.
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it should arrive at museum late tonight. thank you for trusting channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues at our 10:00 news. we're always for you a tmz is next right here on tv 36. and marshalls?
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